Dehydrating Journal Ebook
Dehydrating Journal Ebook
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Dehydrating Journal Ebook

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Create a Dehydrating Journal!

Use this dehydrating journal to learn how to dehydrate more than 120 fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, dishes, and treats. You can also record yields for each project, and notes on how each project turned out, things you'll do differently next time, and corrections you might make to fit your personal taste.

(If you would like the full Dehydrating Basics + Journal, you can find it here).

Dehydrating Journal Pages

Each journal page can be individually printed as you need them to create your own dehydrating binder or print them off at once. I've also included a blank journal page for any projects you want to create on your own!

  • Each journal page is created for each specific food with:
  • How to directions
  • Tips for use, preparation, or alternative drying tips
  • A section for yields

Dehydrating Recipes

I've included fifteen tried and true ways of using your dehydrated foods -- from seasoning blends to meals in a jar to fun snacks to try!

Have these handy answers to all of your questions that are perfect to teach beginning dehydrators and refresh those who have been dehydrating for a while.

This digital, downloadable, pdf guide will walk you through the basics of dehydrating, give you helpful tips along the way, and allow you to feel confident in making use of your dehydrator to create wonderful snacks, and store food in your pantry that your family will love, and create long-term storage. This may not work with Kindle products, it is best used with desktops, phones, Android tablets, and iPads.

If you would prefer a physical copy of the book - please see this option.

How I recommend you use this book:

  1. Download to your device where you normally keep downloads.
  2. Print off only the journal pages you need as you begin working through your projects - or print them all off in one batch and get your dehydrating binder ready to go! There is a blank page included to print off as many times as you need to record any project you want to expand and grow on your own!

While there are a few full-color pages in the book, you can choose the ink saver or black and white only option for your particular printer.

Hint: If you go to a shop like Staples, you can use their copy machines and choose to print only the journal sheets, as well.

This is a Digital Download, no physical product will be delivered.
Pages: 133
Print Size: 8.5 x 11 inch (A4) paper