Nevertheless She Preserved Window Vinyl Decal

Nevertheless She Preserved Window Vinyl Decal

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Nevertheless, She Preserved - and you will too! If this is your motto, this vinyl decal is the perfect way to proclaim your hobby in your car window (or other surfaces). Perfect for those who can, dehydrate, freeze, freeze-dry, ferment, and every other means of preserving your garden produce or groceries!

Size:  4.75" W by 4" L  (12.07 cm x 10.16 cm)

Materials: Cricut Smart Permanent Vinyl. It is removable if you choose to take it off, but will not be reusable. 

What's in the package:

  • 1 piece of transfer tape
  • 1 vinyl decal on backing paper

Currently in white only. 

Tools you will need:

  • Credit or debit card or other similar flat, firm, non-sharp, tool.

Please read directions carefully when applying. We cannot take responsibility for errors in how you put this on. 

How to Apply Vinyl Labels

  1. Clean and dry the window or surface you are putting the vinyl decal on. Use rubbing alcohol as a last cleaner to ensure all windows are clean and dry.
  2. Put transfer tape on top of your vinyl label, and use a credit card or other flat, straight tool to press the transfer tape onto the vinyl label.
  3. Peel transfer tape slowly. If any part of vinyl sticks to the backing paper, use the tool to add more pressure. Position your transfer tape to your surface, and press along the tape with your tool to get good adherence.
  4. Peel the transfer tape away, slowly, at an angle. If vinyl sticks to the tape, stop, lay the tape back down, apply more pressure with your tool, and start again until full vinyl is transferred to your surface.

Tips: If applying to a car window, do not do this in direct sunlight if possible.