The Purposeful Pantry

Simplifying the arts of dehydrating and food storage

Dehydrating Basics: Tips Tricks and FAQ's

The most often asked questions about dehydrating answered for you in this e-book to help you get started dehydrating and filling your pantry with foods your family will love!

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The 30-Day Pantry Challenge

Get a stocked pantry, at your own pace, and store a pantry full of food your family already loves!

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Having a quick reference to check times, temps, and processes is something the Dehydrating Basics book did brilliantly!

Jonathan, Tennessee

All the questions I've ever had about dehydrating were answered in this book!

Becky, Australia

The 30-Day Pantry Challenge helped me see the holes in my pantry, build it up for long-term storage, without wasting money on foods we don't eat! Spectacular help for those just getting started!

Ann C, Florida