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Dehydrating Basics & Journal Book

Dehydrating Basics & Journal Book

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Learn how to dehydrate all of your garden produce and/or grocery store finds and stock your pantry with food your family already uses and loves.

In this Dehydrating Basics & Journal book (Paperback/Soft Cover edition), you'll learn

  • The in's and outs of dehydrating
  • Safety measures to follow
  • How to store your food properly
  • How to create dehydrated powders
  • Tips for using dehydrated foods

In the Journal portion, you have a step-by-step process for over 115 fruit, herbs, vegetables, and other 'treats'. 

Use the journal portion to record

  • Your process
  • Yield and/or weight
  • How you prepared your food
  • Length of time it took
  • Any additional information that will be helpful for you to know the next time you dry that particular food.

As an additional section, there are 15 recipes of our personal favorite tried and true dehydrating projects from my family to yours.

Page Count: 170 pages

Delivered as: Soft Cover book

Print Size: 8.5x11 inch paper

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