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Dehydrating Journal Spiral

Dehydrating Journal Spiral

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PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS BOOK IF YOU PURCHASED THE DEHYDRATING BASICS & JOURNAL.  This is the same journal as is in that book, just pulled out for those who don't need the 'basics' info.

Create a Dehydrating Journal! - Print Version

Use this dehydrating journal to learn how to dehydrate more than 120 fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, dishes, and treats. You can also record yields for each project, and notes on how each project turned out, things you'll do differently next time, and corrections you might make to fit your personal taste.

Dehydrating Journal Pages

Each journal page is created with:

  • How to directions
  • Tips for use, preparation, or alternative drying tips
  • A section for yields and weights
  • Note-taking area to record your results, alternatives, variants, and more.

Dehydrating Recipes

I've included fifteen tried and true ways of using your dehydrated foods -- from seasoning blends to meals in a jar to fun snacks to try!

This 8.5x11 paperback book will walk you through each dehydrating recipe, giving you helpful tips along the way, and allow you to feel confident in making use of your dehydrator to create tasty snacks, store food in your pantry that your family will love, and create long-term storage. 

 Page Count: 133 pages

Delivered as: Coil Binding Book

Print Size: 8.5x11 inch paper

Other Versions Available

Dehydrating Journal 


*A note - if you are interested in creating a 3-ring binder that is expandable, I suggest the ebook version - you can print off as many pages as you'd like, including blank pages to create your own projects. 

This is a print-on-demand book - so the shipping time will be a little slower than books you are used to purchasing from Amazon. Shipping prices based on location and will be calculated in the checkout process.

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